Introduction to me

Hello my name is Max George and I’m a photographer from the UK. I specialise in the documentation of nature, in particular British wildlife, which has both intrigued and inspired me since an early age.
Continuing this fascination, I went on to study photography for ten years, gaining various qualifications from a Bachelor of Arts to working in the photography industry with professional photographers.
My photographic portfolio is almost exclusively British wildlife, something which I’m both fascinated and passionate in, discovering and sharing the secret life of the wildlife living around us.
Primarily I use digital SLRs in my everyday work accompanied with a telephoto lens allowing me to get close to my subject.
My favourite camera, the D500, paired with the 200-500mm, is the equipment I use for most of the images in my portfolio. Please feel free to explore my website, diving into a world of natural life, something we all can appreciate. Thank you,

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